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Safety and security

Public Safety has been identified by the community as the number one priority for the area. The board has appointed a security company to provide the core security services based on a competitive process and Board approved criteria document.

Boston CID has contracted 2 x Patrol vehicles, each manned by one Public Safety Officer. Each vehicle will include two-way radio communication, a cell phone for each vehicle, as well as all other required equipment. The public will have access to contact the Control Room for emergencies.

The board member that is responsible for Public Safety will get a daily report from the service provider through the CID Manager on what happened the day before and collect and collate statistics on incidents in the area. The information will be made available, based on an agreed communications strategy plan, to property owners, BNW and SAPS via the various communication channels.

Increased presence and awareness during probable criminal activity times (largely predicted by weather and time of day / night and trend information provided by area wide community security initiatives including BNW, CIDs and SAPS) provided by external service providers to enhance the Public Safety of the area.

Boston CID will start installation of (at least) three (3) security camera ‘poles’, each comprising of (at least) one LPR camera and a CCTV (overhead) camera in strategic, vulnerable positions in the area, in its first year of existence. A further three (3) poles in year 2, two (2) in year 3 and one (1) in year 4 will be installed (totalling 9 cameras). The specific positioning of the cameras will be based on consultations with relevant Service Providers, BNW, CIDs and SAPS. The camera feed will be fed into the appointed security company’s control room.

The cameras will be equipped with intelligence software, to assist with the monitoring thereof and response thereto. Should there be a problem visible on the cameras, a response team will respond and the CID Manager (and Public Safety portfolio director) will be notified immediately. The security provider will ensure that all relevant security providers in the greater Boston area are notified immediately upon any incidents being detected.

Liaison with security bodies such as: Security Companies, BNW, Community Policing Forum, CIDs, City Law Enforcement, SAPS Bellville and liaison with other neighbourhood watch organisations within the greater Cape Town metropole, will assist in the cohesion between the public and private entities goal of ensuring public safety.

Boston CID plans to, after consultation with various stakeholders, erect fencing in agreed vulnerable areas. Fencing will be erected as soon as sufficient funding and permission is secured.


Boston CID is planning to make use of a local NGO as cleaning contractor – thereby addressing two major requirements identified through the survey: homelessness and cleaning. Boston CID is making use of two cleaning teams, thereby ensuring that each street gets cleaned at least once a week. A cleaning team will consist of 4 x cleaners and a Team Leader. All consumables and transport will be covered by the service contract with the NGO.

The committee member for Cleaning Management, together with the CID Manager, will be conducting and promoting clean-up and sustainable development projects in the CID, ensuring that the CID is clean, tidy and well maintained. The committee member will ensure that supplementary cleaning and maintenance services in the CID are only as ‘top up’ services, over and above the current municipal services provided.

Contractors will attend to public areas, parks and side verges to ensure these are kept free of litter and overgrowth which may be obscuring traffic visibility and /or sight lines of security cameras, or pose security risks, which will then be cut back appropriately.

Urban management

The committee member responsible for Urban Management, together with the CID Manager, will work closely with the City to repair and upgrade pavements, curbing and drainage when/where needed. Preference will be given to subcontractors employing unemployed local persons, possibly in conjunction with local NGO’s, as part of the Boston CID Social Responsibility Program.

Reports on burst water pipes, blocked storm water drains, potholes, illegal dumping, faded or missing road marking, street signs can be sent via email to the portfolio member for Urban Management and the CID Manager. This portfolio will keep a record and log reports of the problem through the City's C3 notification system. Where these complaints are not resolved adequately by the CCT departments, it will be escalated within the City.

The CID Manager will report to the Board on the status of C3 requests at the monthly meetings.

Social development

The Boston CID will coordinate social intervention actions with the various NGO's and social improvement organisations in the area to assist in the development of a comprehensive strategy for addressing social issues in conjunction with the City of Cape Town, Social Development Department and all relevant social welfare organisations and institutions.

Once a Social Intervention Plan has been finalised, the Boston CID management will assist with implementing the social rehabilitation wherever possible. Social intervention and development can only be achieved by offering unemployed people an alternative. The employment opportunity programme offered by the Cleaning Management process will assist in this task.