Who can become a member?

If you are an owner of a property situated within Boston CID’s Boundaries you can and should become a registered member of Boston CID.

Why should you become a member of Boston CID?

By pooling resources in a SRA(Special Rates Area), individual property owners contribute to the collective benefits of a well-managed area, a shared sense of communal pride, safety for all, and social responsibility. Boston CID is committed to achieving its goals and making Boston a cleaner and safer place for all. By becoming a member, you positively back this collective effort and you have a say in the future direction of Boston CID.

Boston CID is managed by a Non-Profit Company, incorporated in accordance with, and governed by the Companies Act and the provisions of a Memorandum Of Incorporation (MOI). Please familiarise yourself with the responsibilities and rights of members in section 9 of the MOI.

(Note that members are required to attend meetings)

How to become a member of Boston CID

  1. Download the appropriate application form
  2. Email completed form to secretary@bostoncid.co.za
  3. Await application confirmation