The Boston CID vision is to establish Boston as one of the most sought-after areas in the Metropole.


The Boston CID mission is to ensure:

  • Continuous and sustainable improvements to the Public Safety of its residents, businesses and visitors.
  • The Boston community can enjoy safe and clean public areas.
  • The area retains its peaceful, residential, family friendly, close to nature and suburban character.
  • Residents and visitors continue to respect the natural and built environment by keeping it clean and encouraging indigenous biodiversity.
  • Community spirit is encouraged through regular communication and community events.


The Boston CID will, in conjunction with relevant and appropriate stakeholders, supplement services as detailed in this Business Plan, for the benefit of residents, businesses and visitors to the area. In years to come the CID will be a self-sustaining mechanism to improve safety and enhance the Boston area from an infrastructural perspective, as well as desirability.

The Boston CID’s goals are:

  • To improve Public Safety
  • To promote and safeguard the interests of residents and businesses in the area.
  • To take cognisance of the character of Boston as a residential, family orientated suburb.
  • To address social issues in a unified, cooperative and sustainable manner.
  • To build uplift and protect the natural and built environment of the area.
  • To ensure the area remains clean and free from litter and illegal dumping.
  • To promote and ensure interaction with neighbouring communities and organisations – and the greater community.


Boston CID is comprised of the area enclosed by the red line on the map above

Boston CID is created by the following boundaries:

Northern Boundary:  N1 highway, between Carl Cronje Drive and Mike Pienaar Drive.

Eastern Boundary:  Carl Cronje Drive, Alexandra Street and bordering VRCID Precinct 3-4 western boundary

Southern Boundary:  Voortrekker Road, bordering VRCID Precinct 2 northern boundary.

Western Boundary:  Mike Pienaar Drive, from the N1 down to VRCID Precinct 2 northern boundary.


Chairman and Social Issues
Johannes (Hannes) Truter

Frederick JM (Moller) Gey van Pittius

Jeanette-June (Jeanette) van Niekerk

Public Safety
Janeen van Heerden
Abraham Adriaan Antonie (Attie) Winter
Sean Smit

Cleaning and Urban Management
Marnus Fourie

Willem (Wimpie) Petrus Els