The Boston Community Improvement District

Let’s make Boston great

Safety and security
Public Safety has been identified by the community as the number one priority for the Boston Area
The CID will conduct and promote clean-up and sustainable development projects, ensuring that Boston is clean, tidy and well maintained.
Urban Management
The CID will work closely with the City to repair and upgrade pavements, curbing and drainage where needed
Social Development
The CID will coordinate social intervention actions with the various NGO's and social improvement organisations in the area

Control Room Number

086 12 12345

As a Boston resident you may call this number for any of the following:

  • Crime in progress
  • Imminent threat of life or limb
  • Suspicious people or vehicles
  • Medical Emergency in public spaces

Boston CID Launch

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August 2020

Are you ready to be a member?Have your say, become a member to vote at Annual General Meetings

If you are an owner of a property situated within Boston CID’s Boundaries you can and should become a registered member of Boston CID.